2019 Year in Review

Life Saving:

  • 219 Cats and kittens that came into our care
  • 229 Cats and kittens that went to loving homes (a small number were transferred to other rescues or sanctuary)
  • 188 Dogs and puppies that came into our care
  • 183 Dogs and puppies that went to loving homes (some were transferred to other no-kill rescues or sanctuaries)
  • 96.5% Live release rate (save rate) = number of animals that went to loving homes plus animals on hand at the end of the year divided by those on hand at the beginning of the year plus those taken in. We take in some very vulnerable and sick animals; therefore, some do die in our care in spite of quality care and some must be humanely euthanized to end suffering. 
  • Emergency Veterinary assistance provided to animals owned by families within the community:  95 dogs and 22 cats


  • 217 Total cats and kittens adopted from AWL
  • 88 Total dogs and puppies adopted from AWL 

HUG Program (Help Us Go)

  • 2 Cats and kittens transferred to a partner rescue or sanctuary
  • 88 Dogs and puppies transferred to partner rescues where an eager adopter was waiting to adopt them into their family.

Sources of Animals

  • 256 Animals from POA Animal Control
  • 79 Animals through Community Animals
  • 2 Animals in LAP Program (Looking Ahead for Pets)
  • 70 Other: animals returned from prior adoptions, born in our care, etc. 

Spay & Neuter:

  • 211 AWL animals sterilized pre-adoption
  • 290 Low income family pets sterilized at spay/neuter clinics
  • 577 Low-income family pets sterilized with spay/neuter vouchers
  • 6,206 Total owned pets sterilized since 2007 through spay/neuter program (not pre-adoption).


  • 3 area schools - Schools receiving donated educational materials for classroom use and books for their libraries
  • Prizes to students for 3rd grade essay contest
  • Books for libraries
  • "Kind News" subscriptions for all 1st - 6th graders
  • "Maddie's Tail Wag" activity book for all 2nd graders


254 Volunteers in various capacities: at the Adoption Center (office, dog walkers, cat cuddlers); foster homes; at Spay/Neuter Clinics; behind-the-scenes (e.g., photography, publicity, recycling, grant writing, corresponding, fundraising) 

Donation Programs and Fund Raising Events:

  • 80 Champions = sustaining monthly contributors
  • One major fundraiser every year
  • 3-4 mini-fundraiser events every year
  • 5-6 on-going internet/business rebate programs
  • Recycling of aluminum cans and ink cartridges


732 members as of 12/31/2019

(individual memberships counted as 1, family memberships counted as 2)