Lost Pets


Help me find my pet!

 Lily Alerts: If a pet is missing, immediately call the POA Animal Control at 501-922-6547.

To expand the coverage, call AWL at 501-915-9337 and ask to participate in the Lily Alert program. The volunteer on duty will instruct the pet owner as to the procedures involved. Or, email a photo, description, and contact information us:  LilyAlert@HSVAWL.org.

To join our mailing list email LilyAlert@HSVAWL.org

Stray or Found Pets

Animal Welfare League of Hot Springs Village, HSVAWL, Dog Cat Shelter, No Kill Animal Shelter

Found a stray animal?

These pets are admitted to Animal Control or rescued through other community sources and may be someone's lost pets. Their photos are posted on the HSV Animal Control Facebook page, so please contact Animal Control if you may be the owner or have information that may help reunite a pet with its owner: 501-922-6547.

Stray or found cats and dogs should be reported directly by a resident to POA Animal Control at 501-922-6547, not by someone else with second-hand information. If an animal needs to be trapped, Animal Control must obtain the homeowners' permission to set a trap on their property. AWL strongly recommends that those concerned about pets roaming on or near their property, first try to see whether the pet belongs to a neighbor before calling Animal Control.

Other Resources


 Finding Rover.com’s animal facial recognition technology makes it a snap to protect your dog and cat! Here’s how it works... If your dog or cat ever goes missing, Finding Rover will do an instant facial recognition search of all pets reported lost in your area. Within seconds, you’ll see a list of found photos with the contact information of the kind person (or shelter) who has taken your pet in. Contact the person or shelter, and a blissful scene of face licking, tail wagging and purring will follow.  


The Arkansas Lost & Found Pet Network is available to  anyone who is missing or who has rescued a pet in Arkansas.