Upcoming AWL Events

Colt and the Old 45s concert to benefit AWL!

 The Animal Welfare League of HSV is presenting a special concert at 7:30 p.m. on November 30, 2019, at the Woodlands Auditorium in HSV.  

Reserved seat tickets are only $25.

A portion of the proceeds of the concert goes to the HSVAWL. 

This is their first appearance at the Woodlands in 2 years but for 10 years previously they have sold out the auditorium.  So, get your tickets early, have a special night, and help support the AWL

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 You can check out the band at  Join Colt and the Old 45s as they turn back the music clock to provide you the unique sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. 

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Recurring AWL Events

"No Fleas" Flea Market


In spring and fall, “No Fleas” is a chance for shoppers to find new treasures and for supporters to donate household items for someone else to enjoy. These sales net a substantial amount for AWL and provide a service to the community.

Girls Gotta Howl


This raucous girl’s night out happens every other year, and has gathered loyal followers because of the night’s entertainment and dinner. Catered food, wine fountain, a bit of shopping, style show, and the highlight – a performance by our very own “Cheapendales” dancers.

Puttin' on the Dog. . . & Cat


AWL’s largest fundraiser is held every other year, and has been a repeat success through the years. Participants enjoy a gala evening with dinner and hundreds of auction items to review. A raffle is one of the highlights of the evening with superb prizes available.  It is basically a flashy evening for all.

Special Events


Often AWL sponsors miscellaneous special events, such as dog walks/shows, charity days at local businesses, adoption events, or other fun events that are not recurring, and from which AWL receives support.

AWL Calendar

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