Contributions Made Easy
General Fund

This fund is used for the everyday business of the Animal Welfare League for food, litter, supplies needed for the animals, and veterinary fees for their health.

Angel Fund

This fund is used to assist people who cannot afford veterinary services for their pets on a case-by-case basis. We also use this fund to pay for extra veterinary care (over and above the usual) if a shelter pet is highly adoptable.

Building Fund

This fund was used to cover the expenses we incurred for the expansion of the HSV Animal Shelter. We maintain this fund to cover the expense of any additional equipment needed at the shelter to provide the best care for our animals.

Community Animals

Since POA Animal Control can only take in animals from within the Village boundaries, AWL will occasionally take in animals in need from the community surrounding Hot Springs Village. This might include strays located at the east or west gates, feral cats with kittens, animals from our veterinarians, or other special situations. Community animals are treated the same as those coming from Animal Control where AWL gets them ready for adoption and finds them loving homes.

Spay and Neuter Fund

This fund is used to underwrite the expenses incurred at our low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinics and voucher program that serve low-income families in our surrounding communities.

Cat Cage Sponsorship ($75)

This is to sponsor a cat cage for a one-year period. The donor's name is placed on our cage sponsorship display board for one year.

Dog Cage Sponsorship ($125)

This is to sponsor a dog cage for a one-year period. The donor's name is placed on our cage sponsorship display board for one year.

Help Us Go (HUG)

The HUG program is road trips for dogs. We get them ready for transport to an area where adopters for large dogs are plentiful. The program pays for costs to satisfy transport requirements.


The memorial fund is to honor a special person or pet (living or deceased). The honored person/pet or their family is notified of the donation if an address is provided. For memorials of $50 or more, a digital plaque with the named person/pet is included on the HSV Adoption Center memorial display.Make your check payable to HSV AWL and mail to the above address at the top of this form.

Printer Cartridges

Bring any empty ink or toner cartridge to the adoption center for recycle. We will sort through them and take them to be recycled. Money received is donated to AWL.

Recycle Your Cans for AWL

Tenenbaum Recycling Group of Hot Springs is handling aluminum beverage can recycling for AWL. Their yellow dumpster is located at the POA Minorca Sanitation site, located at 218 Minorca Road, just across from the Cedar Creek trail head. It's open Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.Recycle ALUMINUM BEVERAGE CANS ONLY.

Kind News

As part of the AWL mission to increase awareness of animal issues through education programs, AWL funds Kind News, a publication promoting humane treatment of all animals and appreciation of our environment. All elementary students in three area school districts receive their very own copies of the magazine. Also, AWL sponsors an essay contest for 3rd graders annually to promote kindness toward animals and to reinforce the importance of strong writing skills. Donate to Adopt-a-Class help fund all education activities.


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Join the "Champions" Sustainers for your chance to win the monthly drawing. You need not be present to win, but you can't win unless you join. The monthly drawing is worth 50% of the total sustainers' contributions for the month with a $500 maximum payout. Proceeds help us build a permanent stream of funds for our rescued pets' care and our outreach efforts like the spay/neuter clinics and community cats program.

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Unique Fundraiser Just for You"

We have what you want. Sheila Cosby, one of AWL’s former Board members, knits blankets for a hobby. She began her Doggone Baby Blankets a few years ago and donated all proceeds to AWL. Thus far,she has donated $1,590!

Sheila provides the yarn and her time and talent, and gives all proceeds to AWL. She can create whatever colors you want and has several designs. Email Sheila Cosby to order your precious blanket.