How to Re-home Your Pet With Adopt-a-Pet

Do you have a pet that you need to re-home? Adopt-A-Pet has a free service with advice to help you do that on your own. It may take a little time, but it is far better for the pet than to “dump” it somewhere or have a stranger you know nothing about take your pet. The pet stays with you until you find an adopter you can check out, so it never goes to a shelter or becomes a burden on animal rescue groups. Follow the steps in the outline to take advantage of the free service. Click HERE to learn how.

Single Kitten Syndrome

Adopting a kitten? Go for two!

If you've ever raised a litter of kittens or adopted a pair of them, you know how much they play together. Some of this play is painful, as confirmed by the yowling and complaining that occurs. The kittens bite and scratch each other, sometimes quite hard. All the while they are learning from one another that this behavior is not the best way to make friends! If they're lucky enough to have a mom cat around and she hears the ruckus, she will often give a warning "that's enough of that" to the kittens and they settle down.HERE'S why.

How to Identify Stray and Feral Cats

As winter fast approaches, there is a greater need for generosity and kindness toward the stray animals that populate almost every neighborhood in the country. This month we are helping to raise awareness of both stray and feral cats. The most important part is to share information on how to tell the difference between the two, and how you can help protect them over the coming months. Read HERE to learn how to identify the difference.